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About Project Loco PH


Project Loco is an e-commerce website by DLS-CSB student, Alex Beltran that will act as a middleman between coffee producers in the provinces and coffee drinkers in Metro Manila. It aims to do so in a way that is socially and economically fair in order to contribute to sustaining the local coffee industry.

If you happen to find yourself as an adult living in Metro Manilblahhanda, there is an 80% chance that you’re going to drink some form of coffee today. Unless you already have. Maybe you’re even having one right now.

So what are you drinking, friend? Is it local or imported? Instant or drip? Or maybe even espresso for you fancy folk. Do you take it with milk? Black? With rainbow adobo flakes and the blood of your enemies? Well how ever which way you like it, they all have something in common. They all came a long way from a farm somewhere before arriving in your cup.

Project Loco aims to make it more convenient for people who live in Metro Manila to get their daily dose of caffeine, all the while supporting those who produce it.



Project Loco is dedicated to sustaining the local coffee industry and the people whom the industry supports.

Due to fluctuating demand, farmers are giving up on coffee fornewcover other quicker and more lucrative crops. In the present, majority of coffee produced in the Philippines come from small-hold farmers who are discouraged by low buying prices. Providing a public roasting service will increase the profit farmers can make from coffee, as they no longer have to sell their raw beans to a private roaster.

Through proper education on the cultivation of the coffee plant, farmers will be able to use more technologically advanced farming methods and maximize both the farming space and the profit they can earn from coffee.